A Qualitative-Quantitative Fuzzy Evaluation Model for Selecting an International Ocean Freight Logistics Provider

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Ji-Feng Ding
Chu-Ting Hsu


To ensure the best possible integrated logistics service performance, how to select an international ocean freight logistics provider (IOFLP) suitable for shippers is an important issue. The main purpose of this paper is to construct a qualitative-quantitative fuzzy multiple criteria decision-making (MCDM) evaluation model to empirically select an optimal IOFLP. After reviewing the literature and gathering experts' opinions, 23 criteria in five assessment aspects suitable for the selection of an IOFLP were obtained. The study then constructed a fuzzy MCDM selection model based on quantitative-qualitative criteria, and conducted a questionnaire survey of import/export shippers in Taiwan in order to interpret the operating processes of the proposed model. The empirical results indicated that company P was the IOFLP considered optimal by the shippers in Taiwan. Moreover, the proposed qualitative-quantitative fuzzy MCDM method and research methodology in this study can be employed as a practical tool for business applications in the future.

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