Dynamic Response Analysis of Offshore Flaoting Hose Strings Under Wave Load

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C An
D W Zhao
Y Gao
Y Yang


A floating hose is key item for offshore oil transportation. In this paper, a mathematical model is derived for the overall dynamic performance of a single point-moored floating hose string under wave and current load. Airy wave theory was selected to calculate the wave force on the floating hose string. The dynamics of buoy, floating hose string and FSO were modelled using elastic foundation beam theory and discretised by using a fixed grid finite difference method. Discontinuities in the bending stiffness due to the flange connections are also considered. To verify the accuracy of the mathematical model, the finite element model of the buoy, floating hose string and FSO as a system was established by use of Orcaflex software tool. Numerical results for the displacement and bending moment at each section of the floating hose under severe sea conditions were obtained.

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